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Traceability Platform for Monitoring Safety and Product Quality


The whole-process-tracking-management not only strengthens the quality management and reduces the cost of error correction, but it also facilitates the collection of commodity information and consumer trends, thus improving the company’s rapid response capability. In the field of process manufacturing, especially in the production of pharmaceuticals, the establishment of a product quality traceability system has become one of the important management tools that companies can rely upon.


1. The traceability platform records and manages all the data involved from raw materials to final products, so that the whole process becomes traceable and transparent.


Platform conceptual diagram

2. The quality traceability platform is divided into 7 major modules: seed/seedlings, growing practices, single herb production, patented formula production, commercial circulation, information services, and system management. It essentially covers the entire circulation of herbal extracts.


3. The tracing data consists of three main components: production, supply, and marketing. Our company manages two major data sources: herb cultivation and granule production. The cultivation part includes farmer's files and growing environment data, etc.; the granule production part covers steps from purchasing raw material to finished products release.


Sample of QR tracking tag

As of October 2018, our company has signed 65 joint venture agreements with 55 herb planting companies, including Anhui Yongxiang Chinese Medicine Decoction Co., Ltd. and Shandong Baoli Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The agreements encompass growing bases for 126 different herb species. These bases will supply all the required data timely and accurately to the traceable platform, and our company will send professional personnel to supervise and guide the procedure. In order to maintain stable, controllable and traceable sources, to protect the sustainable utilization of Chinese herbal resources, our company will continue to promote the data sharing and the construction of joined bases. We aim to have all of our raw herbs grow in bases with traceable data.

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