Bulk Food Herbal Supplements

When your product line features functional food and beverages, herbal food supplements are the first choice. Tianjiang produces over 700 full spectrum extracts that will add true functionality to your food and beverage products. The extracts are full spectrum, pure, safe, concentrated with 100% natural water, dissolvable in hot or cold water. The extracts tested levels of active constituents for optimum potency. The raw materials are grown and harvested from Tianjiang owned herbal plantations with a complete quality traceability system from seeding to finished extracts for quality assurance.

The full spectrum of pure herbal extracts is packaged in 1kg ( 2.2 lbs, 35. 2 oz) Foil bags. Please note that if the product is marked as “In Stock”, it will ship out immediately from our NY warehouse, all other products will ship out from the warehouse from Shanghai, China. The turnaround time will be about three months. It doesn’t matter if you need 1 kilo or 100 kilos; please feel free to give us a call today at 415-993-1366 to explore the possibilities, our expert is ready to assist you to your new line of functional food and beverages.