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Treasure of the East is the general distributor of Tianjiang granule herbs and is the sole representative of Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in the United States since 1994.


Treasure of the East offers a complete line of granule extracts made by Tianjiang Pharmaceutical. Treasure of the East products present the most consistent and potent extracts on the market and Tianjiang’s quality control and research divisions shape the standards of the industry. Treasure of the East herbal extracts is full-spectrum extracts that dissolve in hot water with color, flavor, and aroma of a traditional herbal decoction.



Why herbs from Treasure of the East®?


1. Treasure of the East® herbs is made by Tianjiang Pharmaceutical, the World’s Largest and most Trusted Producer of full spectrum herbal extracts.


• The same herbs are used by 8,000 hospitals (including 70% of China’s AAA-level TCM hospitals), by 80% of China’s TCM clinical research institutions, and by practitioners in 30 countries and territories across 6 continents.


• Treasure of the East® is Tianjiang’s FDA-registered general agent and distributor in the US. No other brand is authorized to use the Tianjiang name in the US.


2. Authentic Herbs Sourced Directly from Dao Di Regions


• The raw herb materials that become Treasure of the East® herbs come directly from 300 farms and ethically wild-harvested sources across 22 provinces.

• Additionally, 110 of the farms are directly owned or co-owned by Treasure of the East’s suppliers to ensure the highest quality raw herbs.

Tianjiang's standards for botanical thin layer chromatography (TLC) fingerprint identification have been adopted by the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA). In other words, all other Chinese herbal companies strive to meet the botanical fingerprint standards of Treasure of the East’s supplier.


3.Traditional Pao Zhi Processes


• Traditional Pao Zhi processes are performed based on the Chinese Pharmacopeia (e.g., soaking, cooking, roasting, steaming, frying, or treating with ginger, honey, or salt), resulting in more than one variety of many herbs, a full line of 350 single herbs, and adherence to classical formulations.

• Processing times and temperatures refined using modern experimental processes to maximize active chemical constituents and to minimize naturally occurring toxicity.


4. Unmatched Purity


• Treasure of the East® herbs is extracted using only purified water, never with harsh solvents.

• Treasure of the East® herbs is tested for heavy metals, pesticide residues, aflatoxin, and sulfur dioxide in compliance with FDA, U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP), and EU standards.• Sulfur preservatives (commonly used to treat raw bulk herbs) are never used.


5. Unmatched Purity


• Treasure of the East® herbs are extracted using only purified water, never with harsh solvents.


• Treasure of the East® herbs are tested for heavy metals, pesticide residues, aflatoxin, and sulfur dioxide in compliance with FDA, U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP), and EU standards.

• Sulfur preservatives (commonly used to treat raw bulk herbs) are never used.


6. Exceptional Potency


• Treasure of the East® herbs is “Full-Spectrum” meaning they contain all the active components of raw herbs.


• Essential oils released during extraction are reintroduced during the last granulation step for the flavor, aroma, and efficacy of a traditional decoction.


• The extraction technology behind the Treasure of the East® herbs is protected by 17 Treasury patents.


7. Larger Granule Size: Easy to Handle & Dissolves Readily


• Treasure of the East® herbs do not float without dissolving as many powdered herbs do.


• Easy to mix into formulas, without coating the surfaces of your pharmacy.

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8. World-Class Manufacturing and Laboratory Facilities


• Treasure of the East® herbs are produced in an automated, ISO 9001:2015/ISO 14001:2015 /ISO 9001:2015 certified, FDA cGMP-compliant facility that was also the first herbal granule facility to be Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-certified to pharmaceutical standards by the CFDA. • The state-of-the-art testing center is accredited to ISO/IEC17025 international standards by ILACMRA/CNAS and is led by a member of the Chinese National Academy of Sciences.


9. Full Traceability


• Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are available for every batch.• A QR code tracking system monitors quality from farm to finished products.• Samples of herbs are maintained for every batch.


10. Backed by Research


• Treasure of the East’s supplier maintains active research partnerships with 22 Chinese medicine universities and 26 leading TCM hospitals.


• Internal research by Treasure of the East’s supplier has set Chinese national standards for nearly 700 varieties of herbal extracts.



The Superiority of Treasure of the East Herbal Extract Granules


  • Patented Extraction Methods: Total of 30 patents utilize a new generation of technology, producing granules that dissolve better and come out like a decoction. Extracted with only purified water to replicate a traditional decoction. Evaporated completely at low-Temperature Vacuum Concentration to allow for maximum concentration without damage to delicate constituents. Complete capture and re-introduction of volatile oils to maximize flavor and efficacy. Spray Drying maintains a consistent standard of freshness, color, texture, taste and water content of the herbal extracts. Dry Granulation allows for the herbal granules to maintain the genuine properties and natural balance of the original ingredients.


  • High-Quality Raw Materials:Rigorous selection of superior raw herbs based on laboratory analysis of active ingredients, cultivation conditions, and traditional quality discernment. Raw herbs from Tianjiang GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) herbal plantations are sourced through established relationships at over 320 farms and production regions spanning 22 provinces, 430 raw herbs are directly from classical origins. Many individual herbs come from GAP certified farms or ethically wild-harvested sources. Many products are prepared fresh from a single crop in one annual batch shortly after harvest. Sulfur is never used on the incoming raw herbs. Click here for an interactive, searchable map that traces the origins of all the raw herbs used to make our granules (courtesy Eric Brand).


  • The most extensive selection of herbs with different forms of traditional processing (Pao Zhi Expertise) in the industry.


  • Botanical identity is ensured based on TLC, HPLC, microscopy, and traditional macroscopic assessment by trained experts. Great attention is given to ideal growing regions and species, and extensive quality assurance testing is used from the farm to the finished product. Tianjiang is closely involved in the shaping of China's national standards on extraction techniques and thin-layer Reliable Identity Assurance: chromotagraphy botanical code for herbal granule tests.


  •  Spray Drying - instantly dries the extracts for better retention of active constituents, particularly for heat sensitive constituents. This also better solutes the product for better absorption in the body.

  •  Low-Temperature Vacuum Concentration - prevents active constituents from substantial loss in high temperature and maintains maximum efficacy.

  •  Essential Oil Recover Technology: involves the recovery of therapeutic essential oils during the decoction process; combined with the use of the Beta-Cyclodextrin procedure to maximize the amount of essential oils and other fragile compounds in the final product.

  •  Fingerprint Technology: identifies the fingerprint code of each botanical.

  •  Modern scientific techniques: uses HPLC, GC, TLC, UV/VIS, IR, ICP etc., to monitor and control the quality of products.


  • New Generation of Technology: To optimize the extraction process, research is used to determine the ideal decoction time, temperature, water-to-herb ratio, Pao Zhi method, and maximum concentration ratio of each individual herb. A fully automated system of new generation extraction machines allows the decoction process to be customized for each herb.











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