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Zhen Xin An Shen Tang


Zhen Xin An Shen Tang - Zizyphus & Polygonum Stem Combination

Sedates the heart, calms the shen.



Zhen Xin An Shen Tang is indicated for shen disturbance and sleep disturbance, difficulty falling asleep, and waking during the night.



Dan Shen (Salvia)


Fu Shen (Hoelen Spirit)



He Huan Pi (Albizzia)




Long Gu (Dragon Bone)



Mu Li (Oyster Shell)




Suan Zao Ren (Zizyphus)



Ye Jiao Teng (Polygonum Stem)





Modern formula.


Zhen Xin An Shen Tang / Zizyphus & Polygonum Stem Extract Blend 1 kg / 2.2 lbs