Leading Manufacturer in Quality Control

TianJiang pharmaceutical is the world's largest manufacturer of full-spectrum Chinese herbal extracts, also is the leader in scientific research and production globally in the industry. TianJiang sales network reaches all over the world, more than 30 countries and regions. The company owns 30 patents for herbal extraction invention and all the independent intellectual property rights of key technologies for concentrated granule herb production.


Quality control from the source:

More than 480 herbs are gathered from controlled sources with high-quality seedlings, guided growing methods and stabilized locations to ensure the quality, stability, and potency.



Raw material controlled for:


  • Origin (Stable)

  • Production location (Stable)

  • Growth Period

  • Harvest Time

  • Processing Methods

  • Growth climate (Soil, Water, Weather)

  • Grade and Specification



Control Raw Material Quality with Indicators


  • Characteristics

  • Identification

  • Inspection (including toxicity, etc.)

  • Content Determination

  • Leachate

  • Characteristic Spectrometry

  • Others



Advanced production technology:

Tianjiang adopts the most advanced automatic production line to ensure the stability of the quality.

Manufacturing Process
Flow chart.png

Effectiveness and stability:

With high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), over 200 varieties of herb content standards were established. The contents of the index components of Tianjiang Chinese herbal extracts are both higher and more consistent in comparing with other leading manufacturers. For each batch of herbal extract, the contents of index components are restricted within a certain range, with very limited fluctuations, thus guaranteeing the clinical efficacy.


The chemical component quality transfer in the production process of Scutellaria Extracts

Safety of the products:

Tianjiang has a complete safety standard regarding heavy metal, aflatoxin, pesticide residue, and sulfur dioxide level, in compliance with EU quality standards.


Leading monitoring technology:

Tianjiang has collected standard characteristic chromatographies of more than 150 varieties of Chinese herbal extracts. This is to ensure high quality and stability.



The chemical component quantity transfer in the production process of Scutellaria extracts


QR code scanning tracking:

Tianjiang uses QR code on every finished product of herbal extract, achieving quality tractability.