The reform pioneer of Chinese Herbal medicine 

The leader of Chinese Herbal Granule industry


In ancient and civilized China, ShenNong tested copious amounts of

vegetation to establish Chinese herbal medicine. For thousands of

years, Chinese medicine has made great contributions to the

development and growth of China. Chinese herbal decoction is

highly regarded and treasured at the heart of Traditional Chinese

medicine. However there have been complications involved with

the decoction of Chinese herbs. There is no alternative and the

traditional method cannot always meet the demands of modern life. 


How can we integrate the fine traditional Chinese medicine with modern science? Tianjiang pharmaceutical has taken the first historic step in China. At the end of 1980s, Zhou Jialin, the chairman of TianJiang Pharmaceutical proposed a bold plan of standardizing, normalizing, modernizing and internationalizing Chinese herbs - taking Chinese herbs without decoction, and took on the study of granulation single herbs. The granulation of herbs is a method that overcomes the disadvantages of variable time, amount of water, decoction timing, and quality of traditional Chinese Medicine decoction methods. It uses regulated high-tech equipment to extract concentrate and dry herbs for processing into Chinese Herbal granules. This provides great convenience to the consumers in comparison to the consumption of herbs.


On November 8, 1993 Tianjiang Pharmaceutical successfully granulated single herbal granules using modern and innovative techniques.  The State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine listed Tianjiang Pharmaceutical as the first pilot unit in the national reform of traditional Chinese Medicine. After being evaluated by the State Administration of Trdditional Chinese Medicine experts concluded that the preparation process Tianjiang Pharmaceutical was feasible, that quality standard was stable and controllable and clinical application was safe and effective. 


In 2000 Tianjiang Pharmaceutical became the first company to pass national GMP certification. It became the national model enterprise for Chinese medicine modernization and the largest manufacturer of single Chinese herbal granules. The total investment was about hundreds of million yuan. Over 20,000 tons of Chinese herbs were processed annually and a total of over 700 varieties of Chinese granule herbs were produced.


This innovative reform of traditional Chinese herbs has gained unanimous praise. It has been used by thousands of domestic hospitals and several hundreds of millions of people in the past 20 years. The products are not only popular in China, but are also sold to over 30 countries and regions and bring benefits to millions of people across the globe. Inheriting Tradition and Preserving Essence is a philosophy that Tianjiang Pharmaceutical has always maintained.

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